When you need a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

When you need a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

  • Judy Howard
  • 06/8/23

If you are contemplating a divorce, and you and your spouse are not in agreement about how to handle any real property either or both of you own, you may find that a CDRE can really help.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. CDREs Are Neutral, Unbiased Listing Agents: CDREs don't take sides in a divorce case. They work to ensure that the orders to sell the property are followed properly and fairly. Their job is to be impartial and treat both parties equally throughout the process.

  2. CDREs Follow A Structured Divorce Listing Process: The structured divorce listing process refers to a systematic approach used by the listing agent when dealing with divorcing couples. This process includes discovering any court orders or restraining orders related to the property, identifying any issues with the property's title or ownership, and establishing a timeline for listing the property that is agreed upon by both parties.  It ensures that both parties are kept informed through separate and timely communications.

  3. Communication and Involvement of Attorneys: The CDRE in a divorce case maintains open and equal communication between parties and their attorneys. They obtain authorization to speak with the attorneys and keep them informed about important milestones. In case of any disagreements or impasses, the agent involves the attorneys to help resolve the issues.

  4. Code of Ethics and Professional Standards: A CDRE follows a code of ethics specific to divorce cases. They do not engage in dual agency, which means they don't represent both the buyer and the seller. They maintain client confidentiality, don't receive referral fees or personal benefits, and have no vested interest in the property for personal use. Additionally, they may be required to write reports for the court, testify if necessary, and make recommendations to the parties involved.


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