5 Benefits of Using a Hawaii Realtor To Buy a Home

5 Benefits of Using a Hawaii Realtor To Buy a Home

  • Judy Howard
  • 10/10/22

Throughout the home buying process, consumers often look for ways to minimize expenses wherever possible. As a result, people often entertain the idea of buying without a Realtor. But, when you start shopping for your dream home, you quickly realize that there is no shortage of moving parts that require the attention of a trusted, local professional. Working with an experienced Hawaii Realtor will streamline your process and give you the clarity, confidence and control that you deserve every step of the way.

Below, you’ll find five of the many benefits of working with a trusted Hawaii Realtor to buy a home…

  1. Ethical consideration: Professional Realtors abide by a code of ethics and interact with every party with utmost honesty. Under the code, Realtors must prioritize the clients’ interests over their own. They are bound to make full disclosure and be honest in advertising. Real estate agents like Judy who are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) can even face a penalty of up to $5,000 and a one-year suspension from the association for not following the code of ethics.
  2. Pricing expertise: An experienced real estate agent in Hawaii, like Judy Howard, can help you effectively determine exactly what your home is worth in today’s market. They also know how much value the neighbourhood holds and whether a specific property is underpriced or overpriced. An experienced Realtor also knows how to seamlessly align your preferences with your budget; In turn, you’ll minimize wasted time by refining the list of homes that are right for you before you ever step into your first showing.
  3. Requesting repairs: A real estate agent will identify the problematic or faulty parts of the property that you may not notice and recommend a reliable home inspection company that can provide a detailed report on the problems. Some of these problems may be quite severe, while others may not be that important. A Realtor will identify the problems and request reasonable repairs.
  4. Managing the paperwork: When you buy a house, there is a lot of paperwork and documentation to look after. It can be challenging to manage it all. This is where an experienced Hawaii Realtor can save the day. They will manage all the paperwork and ensure you don’t miss out on any important steps because they know the process inside out.
  5. Avoid closing problems: Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, there are a variety of glitches that can put the deal in jeopardy. With a trusted Hawaii Realtor, you’ll have an experienced professional in your corner watching for trouble before it arises. A Realtor will ensure that no unexpected title issues show up at the last moment, the financing comes through at the right time, and everyone involved in the process meets their deadlines.

About Judy Howard

Now that you know the benefits of using the best real estate brokerage to buy a home, you should look for one. Judy Howard is a Big Island real estate expert.

Judy was born in the Territory of Hawaii. She led a charmed childhood, including three years at an English convent school, where she was elected Head Girl her first day. Her family moved to Waimea, on the Big Island, around 1970, but she remained on Oahu to complete high school at Punahou. She travelled to Waimea almost every weekend and holiday.  After graduating from Punahou in 1972, and a brief tour of Europe, she attended the University of Hawaii and then the University of Colorado School of Law.  

Judy went on to lead an equally charmed life in the law. She practiced Water Law in Colorado for several years, and then returned to Hawaii, where she practiced Maritime Law.

In 1997 Judy moved to Waimea where her husband had taken a position with the new hospital. She managed his very successful orthopedic practice while raising their daughter and managing their 50-acre off-grid property.

Judy continues to do pro-bono work for public interest organizations and is a member of the Real Property and Financial Services Section of the Hawaii State Bar Association. She loves the challenge of complex legal issues but has found that the Big Island presents few opportunities to pursue such issues.

Judy has been very pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoys her real estate career. It gives her the opportunity to use her legal training, but in a more collaborative manner than was possible as a litigator.  She has been able to make many new friends, and exercise both her analytical skills and creativity in ways that are fun and rewarding.

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Having bought and sold a number of properties, both as homes and as investments, over the years, gives me an understanding of the process and an appreciation for what buyers and sellers face. Contact Judy today!

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